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Posted 21 February 2009 - 12:44 PM

Some forum jargon:

Topic - This is when a member starts up a new post which could be a question, debate, opinion, for other members to add a response to.
Post - This is the message you type to show to the world.
Thread - This is the follow on messages after the ītopicī has been initiated.
Thread drift - This is where the posts go off topic - happens quite a bit in forums, and as long as not taken too far, or go on for too long, it will be left as it can give a bit of light relief to some heavy topics.
Lurkers - This is a term applied to members who read, but do not get involved in making or adding to topics. You may be surprised to learn that out of 1,600+ members on this site, over 1,200 are lurkers! This is quite normal in forums, although why people join but then donīt get involved is a mystery to me as, apart from the Bar Room, visitors can read topics without having to join.
Smilies - These are cute images that show emotions to replace body language and facial expressions you would get in real conversations. Very useful someimes!
Avatars - These are images that members like to use under their member names - you can upload your own to use, or use one of the many weīve provided in the avatar gallery that you will find in your own members panel.
Spammers - This is a term used for people who swamp the forums with adverts to websites for their own financial gain - often used to link to pornographic sites.

:action-smiley-069: Don´t forget to use the like button if you like someone´s post :tha1:

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