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Building Extensions

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#1 Mal Johnson

Mal Johnson


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Posted 03 May 2016 - 06:58 PM

Hi Guys, I own a property on Phase II of La Marina Urb, and have been trying to build an En Suite Bathroom and Stone Shed to the property.  I am getting the run around from the builders I have approached stating that the local  council are denying permission to these builds, or that I would need to install a second water meter to do this.  Has anyone recently had an En Suite built, and if so have you experienced any similar problems?   I am due out again in December 2016, and would like to try and get this project off the ground. I would appreciate any feedback that you could give me. Mal

#2 Landlady



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Posted 08 May 2016 - 04:07 PM

I´ve read your other post about this Mal.  If the local council are denying permission to these builds, then you won´t get any licensed builder building one without a disclaimer they won´t be held responsible should the Town Hall insist it is removed. 


We´ve just had an extension done to a property we own and the proper procedure is:


Get an architect to draw up plans and submit it to the Town Hall (he or she will probably know what is or is not permitted before going through this costly procedure - or the Town Hall will tell you direct if you approach the technical department)


Pay the application fee at the Town Hall.


Once submitted you´ll have to wait until the licence is issued before works can start - can be a long time at San Fulgencio.


Pay for the licence and a returnable deposit to the Town Hall (which is returned once the works have been inspected and approved)


Have the new extension added to your deeds  if you have extended your property size, the suma will increase also by I think €14 per metre - don´t quote me on this. You can have the extension added to your deeds when you sell, but you will be charged the suma that hasn´t been paid on the extra meterage for a maximum of the last 4 years.  


Best you go straight to the Town Hall and ask at the technical dept. before doing anything as they have tightened up on the legalities of any new buildings now - we´ve had to have cavity wall insulation done on the extension part, and a water test on the flat roof for example.  

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#3 Mal Johnson

Mal Johnson


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Posted 08 May 2016 - 07:39 PM

Thanks for the advice, I actually received this info from Barclays about the second water meter last time I was out, it was when I had finally decided to go ahead with the en suite and shed, which Barclays told me that they could get all the relevant licences from the town hall for this construction.  Another builder Schaeppi, also stated the same, so I was a bit confused as to why the town hall would try to stop an extension if I was willing to get the relevant licences.   I will get in touch with the town hall to make further enquiries, and hopefully get a positive result to this problem.  Thanks again guys for your help.

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