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Posted 06 October 2006 - 05:07 PM

My Controls

All members get access to a control panel to allow them to configure their account and how the forum behaves for them. The control panel is split into several sections to contain the different options and features. The main page of the control panel shows a summary of your account and includes a text area notepad for you to make any notes.

My control panel


If enabled, all users can send private messages to each other. These are like e -mails but internal to your board.

Compose New Message – Write a new message to a member

Inbox/Sent Items/Saved PMs – These are folders that are created by default to store your messages. You can add your own folders to organise your messages.

Empty PM Folders – This will show how many messages are in each folder and allow you to delete them all in one go.

Edit Storage Folders – You can rename the names of the existing folders and create new ones to store your messages in from this page.

PM Buddies/Block List – This acts as an address book within the forum to allow you to quickly send messages to other members or block any messages from a specific member.

Archive Messages – Because you only have a limited amount of space for messages (configurable by the admin) you ca n choose to have all the messages e-mailed to you in a single file so you can delete them from your folders.

Message Tracker – When sending a message you can choose whether to track it or not. This will then show up on this page to tell you if a member has read the message or not.

Compose New Message

Composing a new message is similar to sending an e -mail. You are required to enter in the username of the recipient and any members you wish to CC the

message to (one per line). Ticking the Hide CC recipients from others? option will hide the recipients as if they had been sent as a BCC. The message title is the subject of the message and then you should enter the

body of the message into the rich text editor.

Finally, there are two options to allow you to save a copy of the sent message and enable the tracking to be able to see if the member has read the message.

You can choose to preview the message, send it now or save and then send it at later time. If you choose to send it at a later time it will be placed into the

Saved (Unsent) PMs folder.

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