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BBC IPlayer, ITV Player, 4-O-D, etc catch-up sites.

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#21 benbriggsuk



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Posted 02 October 2013 - 02:14 PM

I was using the Expat shield but it stopped working im now on Laptop Telly
Works fine for the BBC ITV etc http://www.laptoptelly.com

#22 gordonp



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Posted 08 October 2013 - 04:44 PM

Ive played around with most of the other alternatives to VPN (proxy, VPS etc) the best bet if you are using connection for hiding your IP and wanting to watch geo restrictive Television then VPN is definitely the way forward.


Best to check the reviews of exactly which ones support all of the channels that your desire.

http://www.vpnreviewer.co.uk has a pretty comprehensive list.

#23 creator



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Posted 08 October 2013 - 10:26 PM

Jedi - Install filmon from the app store for the ipad. Has all the channels & it's free in standard definition.

But... only LIVE tv......NO iplayer , catch up etc, which is what the original post is about.

Here goes then:-

Instructions for setting up a proxy server.

I have set out below the instructions I give to folks in Spain who want BBC IPlayer etc. I have been using this VPN for a few months now, without any nasties creeping in!

In your browser address bar, type: uk.hotfreevpn.com (don’t put www. or anything else)

On the page that loads up, on the blue bit, click on “Win7 VPN”, or “WinXP VPN” according to what you're running.

Scroll down the page and set up the connection as per instructions.

User name is “free”

Password is “1234”

Name of connection is “UK VPN”

From then on, when your normal ISP is connected, you can open the UK VPN alongside it. When you open the UK VPN connection, you may have to wait a few seconds, then you will get a message “Additional log-on information may be required”. Click on this, then click on the mauve coloured “I Agree”.

You are then connected to the UK VPN. In the address bar, type “www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer” or “www.itv.com/player” etc etc.
I use cables from my laptop to the big tv, and we watch it like normal.

When you have finished with the UK VPN, remember to click on “Disconnect” and your Spanish ISP browser speed will soon return to loading up quickly (maybe not first time, but certainly second time).

Good luck, and I would be interested to hear whether it works for you.

Best regards

Just tried this Geoff and yes it works a treat, thanks. It seems easier and more reliable than expat shield.

#24 Cats Slave

Cats Slave


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Posted 09 October 2013 - 02:07 PM

I installed something called OnSpeed.com when in U.K over 7 years ago. it costs around €25 a year,reducing after first year.get all the iplayer,4od stuff etc. Didn't realise it did what it did until un-installed by mistake.

#25 graham1



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Posted 14 October 2013 - 11:31 AM

For the catch up services - we can use a Linux satellite receiver, which gives access to the free to air satellite TV - but if connected to internet with correct software will also allow access to a version of bbc iplayer & itvplayer - with no geographical blocking or need for VPN - this is a free software based solution for certain Linux satellite receivers & seems to work well - streams are reasonable quality. However this type of equipment would make more sense for people who already have satellite system & just want the additional functionality. You can use it without a satellite dish if just wanting the IPTV features (also allows access to other internet only channel content).


Alternatively there is also an IPTV subscription free smart box solution - whilst will not (presently until software stable with VPN tunnel) allow the iplayer catch up - will allow a lot more other content straight on your TV, including access to numerous databases of series & films, so not just live TV. It is not quite the same as iplayer, though the amount of content is so much greater & more varied (though admittedly won't help if you want catch up Eastenders). I went hunting for a series from 1999 (spaced) and instantly found the 2 seasons ready to watch & streamed. Also documentaries (example discovery channel content), films, sports and many other programs - considerably more than any iplayer. But different in use.


It is also possible to put iplayer on this type of IPTV set top box,  but presently if wanting a good service would need to pay for a VPN type service to hide your ip, set the box up with this then all the iplayer / ITV players or 4OD will work. We use strong VPN, which you can put in the PC / Tablet or IPTV box & costs $55 per year & does the job faster and more stable than the free servers which are either too slow much of the time or can have issues with reliability / stability.

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