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Forum Guidelines

  • Be polite! We're a friendly, welcoming community and want it to stay like that.. Each participant is accountable for his or her own messages. Take care in how you express your comments, remember that your intended tone of voice can easily be lost in written communication; if you want something to be understood in a certain way (humor, sarcasm, etc), it may help to provide an obvious indicator, like a smilie, to avoid misinterpretation.

    Have fun….but not at the expense of others! We all like to have fun; we enjoy a laugh and a joke as long as that's all it is. We don't like the ridiculing of fellow community members. If you keep clear of doing that, we'll keep clear of doing that to you.

    Try to keep all your topics in the correct forum - we won't get annoyed if you do put it in the wrong one, but we may move it to another if it's more appropriate.
  • Spam! We don't like it if you spam your site here. So don't advertise your site on ours without first asking permissions from the administrator and we will offer the same courtesy on yours. For example, please do not give links to other forums which cover the same topics/threads as this one. You can just as easily post any information you have gained in a thread here.
  • Advertising. The classified ads section is for members small ads. please keep your adverts in this category and not in the other forums. Businesses may use the advertising section for a fee of €5 per ad. which goes towards sponsoring the site. Everyone may use the "Goods for sale or wanted" forum for free, but only images for goods valued at under €200 are permitted otherwise there is a €5 cost. No Costa Blanca business website links are permitted in posts unless that business has purchased an advert on the site. Members can easily use the PM system if they wish to give a website link to another members enquiry. Any adverts posted contrary to these guidelines, may be deleted or moved. Should you wish to receive details of advertising options on this site, please contact: [email protected]
Moderation. The administrator does her best to moderate the site, and will be as flexible as she can, but you might not always agree with her. If you do happen to disagree with your topic or post being deleted or moved, don't get all angry about it and begin posting rude or justification messages, The post or topic was simply contrary to these guidelines or the forum terms and rules that you signed and agreed to adhere to when you joined.

We're a forgiving community. We realise that sometimes things can be said that aren't meant, or are taken the wrong way. We also realise that sometimes people's emotions get the better of their judgement. We're not quite so forgiving of people who just seem to want to cause trouble. If you're a serial spammer or community disrupter, a ban may well be in order so that those of us who like to hang out here can continue having an enjoyable time.

Members like to post opinions about positive and occasionally negative experiences they have had with businesses. This is a public forum and member´s opinions, good or bad, are what forums are designed for. However, those who have joined the site just to spread potentially damaging posts about a company or individual without any proof will have their posts unapproved or deleted.

Messages posted on these forums are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. Posters should take care therefore that their posts are not libelous, as the business owner may wish to seek legal action against them. If anyone has an issue with the accuracy of what has been posted, take it up with the poster. The owner makes no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained within the forums.